Friday, December 19, 2008

Memoirs of another college grad

Last night marked the closing of a very reluctant chapter for me. I finished the last final in the last class I am required to take for my bachelors degree. It is a very bittersweet thing. Four years ago I started on this crazy roller coaster that at the time I thought would never end. What has been countless number of sleepless nights, multiple threats at a nervous breakdown and the addition of a few vices to my life has finally come to a close. It is with great joy that I can turn the page and move on but it is with a heavy heart that I say good by the the school that I have loved and hated, revered and despised. Through it all I have made some great friends, suffered through heartache and even been able to walk among the stars! It was a hell of a ride and one that I am not looking to do again any time soon. Well maybe, grad school can't be any worse can it?

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