Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Homophobia and violence in advertising

OK, First of all when I first heard about this commercial I was offended. Then I watched the commercial and laughed. So now I am kind of at odds with myself. On the one hand it is a pretty damn funny commercial and I kinda feel the same way about speed walkers... Just effing run already GEEZE. But I don't feel the need to violently assault them telling them to "Get Some Nuts". Also the line in which the oh so FABULOUSLY manly Mr. T (I mean the man has more bling than a drag queen) tells the speed walker that he is a disgrace to the man race is a bit over the top for me. I mean ok so the guy is a little femmy. SO WHAT?!?!? You aren't exactly the epitome of MANLY either T. With all your jewelry and fabulosity. Not to mention the fact that you made a name for yourself riding around having adventures with a bunch of MENSES!!!! Why is it that to be a man you have to be violent? Moreover I have seen some damn vicious and violent drag queens in my day, does that make these men is dresses even MORE manly than the A-Team? I mean they not only can impale an assailant with a stiletto but they can also endure having their man bits all squished and flattened out. NOW THAT IS TOUGH. So what is it really that makes you a man? I would love to hear thoughts.

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