Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Protecting Children

So as we all are aware Vermont and Iowa recently passed legislation allowing same sex marriage. I was recently listening to an interview with Maggie Gallagher who, unless I am mistaken the president for The National Organization For Marriage. The one thing that jumped out at me from her interview was the same thing that I have heard time and time again. We are doing this to protect the children. She states that through marriage children can be "know and be known by and love and be loved by their mother and father." While I agree this is one way children can know the love of family what about all those children in the world that don't have that opportunity? The children whose mothers or fathers have lost their lives fighting overseas, or the children whose other lost her life in child birth or any of the other countless reasons that children can be separated from their parents.

If I had the oppertunity to tell Maggie what I think about her protecting of children I would probably say something along the lines of:

Stop using children as your shield of morality. You raise your children to be fearful of the unknown and judgmental. I will raise mine to see the beauty and merit in all living things and even to respect the beliefs of those who oppose them. Gay and lesbian people are no more a threat to your children than you are to mine. I vow as a gay parent to teach my children about love, compassion and charity. If I am not mistaken those or the fundamental beliefs of the Christian church. It is sad that I the destroyer of families and normalcy in America is willing to teach my children these simple virtues but you, the moral back bone of society seems incapable of doing the same.

Please, as an open invitation to those who oppose sam sex marriage, do not use children against us. Say what you truly believe and be honest about it. You dislike what you don't understand. Please stop telling us that you love us and have compassion for us because that is a lie. I know that lie is a harsh word but if you truly loves and had compassion for us you would want us to have the same equality as you. Instead you prefer to judge and oppress.

Live your life in accordance to your moral compass and allow me to do the same. Even if that means the government allows the same benefits to extend to my partner and I. Heaven knows I have not tried to prevent you in your pursuit towards equality and happiness, please do not deny me mine.

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